David Starr Jordan to Jane Addams, November 24, 1919

↑Stanford Univ. P.O.


↑Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:↓

I have a touching letter from my old friend and co-worker, Dr. Alfred H. Fried, No. 3, Rue de l'Hopital, Berne, Switzerland.

Dr. Fried, as you may remember, was from 1905 to 1912 almost the only man on the continent of Europe who gave his whole time and energy towards the maintenance of peace.

Finding Austria more favorable for free speech than Germany, he removed from Leipzig to Vienna, where he published his journal "Friedenswarte". In 1912 he received the Nobel Prize of $40,000.00 which put him on his feet gave impetus to his work.

At the outset of the war, he opposed the German militarists and was driven from Vienna by the mob. In Zurich and Berne, he kept up the fight against the German militarists and the Kaiser. In a private letter after the Lusitania affair, he wrote, "I can say to you that I am ashamed of being a German."

Since the war ended, he has taken a strong stand for disarmament and the League of Nations, "Friedenswarte" being still published at Zurich.

But the Nobel Prize money was all invested in Austrian government bonds, now practically worthless. The Austrian Krone, in which interest is sometimes paid is now worth but five centimes (one cent instead of twenty-one) and the German mark, fifteen centimes (three cents instead of twenty-four).

Fried's furniture and library are all in boxes in Vienna, out of his present reach, and without these he has no home and no material for his profession of journalism. Hence he has at last appealed to his American friends, for most of those in Europe are alike helpless in these distressing times. His special friend, Bertha von Süttner, died, as you know, in 1913.

Dr. Fried feels that he has a great work ahead in the pacification of Europe, but in this he can do little while "durch Krieg Völlig verärmt".

I have sent him what I can spare for the time. Other sums may be sent directly to him in Berne, or through me, if preferred.

Very truly yours,

David Starr Jordan [signed]

↑Dear Miss Addams:

This for your information. You have done your part. I have a similar letter from Dr Heinrich Lammasch at Salzburg.↓