David Starr Jordan to Jane Addams, December 9, 1919



Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
800 South Halsted St.
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:

I thank you for your kind letter and for the letter of Dr. Lammasch. I had one of similar trend from him, but it added the information that he became premier of Austria "too late", and that he drew up the documents of abdication, and the call for an armistice. I hope that some of our best societies can find work for him to do. They ought to send both Lammasch and Fried to Germany as lecturers in behalf of the people. Now is the time when any money they can spend will count for the solvency of a distressed world.

I have been running a series of articles in "Sunset" Magazine for the year. I would like to ask the publishers to send the years' series to you with my compliments. I hope that you and Mrs. [Karsten] will find time to read some of these articles.

Mrs. Jorden joins me in kindest regards. She is deeply interested in your work, but has hardly the physical strength to undertake trips to the East unless conditions make it all-important. For this reason she is ready to resign from the committee if you should wish to put in some one who can take a more active part in your meetings. [page 2]

Your account of the condition is very interesting. You noticed perhaps that Mr. Hoover has taken charge of a degree of relief, and has turned the actual work over to the Friends, so that has cut out Viereck's scheme of feeding the German children on [milk] and politics at the same time.

Very truly yours,

David Starr Jordan [signed]