Sophia St. John Whitty to Jane Addams, 1920


Dear Miss Addams

I am a member of the Irishwomen's International League and I am venturing to write to you and ask exactly what kind of information is required of witnesses who attend the Commission at Washington. If I receive the formal invitation to be present I may attend as the representative of the International League in Ireland. I am particularly [page 2] anxious to bring, if possible, the right kind of information but am so far quite in the dark as I have received no papers and very little information. I got one letter from Mr Felix Morley from Oxford through Miss [Bennett] but as he has now gone to Berlin & I cannot communicate further with him -- I seriously hope that the Commission will send people over here to [page 3] investigate as it will not be possible to get at facts properly otherwise. Some one ought to represent the Commission in this country & be able to give people going our full information too. I think as otherwise much time is wasted in writing & waiting for answers.

I hope I may have the pleasure of meeting you some day. With regard to what I could say to the Commission I can give evidences as they have been given to me -- but I have nothing to give that I have [page 4] actually seen or been present at. I could bring suggestions for possible mediation from my Committee of course as well. I shall find it very difficult to get away from my work & if I go I want to be sure that it will be of some use. Can you be so very good as to let me know some information by return of post?

Please forgive my troubling you

Yours sincerely

Miss. St J. Whitty