Rebecca Halley Cheetham to Jane Addams, October 5, 1919


91 Greengate Street. Plaistow. E. 13. Octr 5th/19.

My dear Miss Addams.

I ought to have written to you a month ago, but have been rather pressed for time, & I was not sure that you had really got back home after your visit to Germany.

I promised Miss Harper, who has already written to you from the Settlement, that I would write on her behalf, as she is so anxious to add to her experience by a visit to the U.S.A. She is really a very charming, as well as capable girl & has done excellent work at the Settlement Girls' Club in addition to her own regular work as Financial Secretary to the School for Missionaries' Daughters at Sevenoaks. Miss Harper is a broad-minded, high-principled girl, & one who would make the very best use of any opportunity of getting fuller & wider training. You would find her a very [page 2] pleasant colleague, eager to learn, & to understand the social problem -- never so difficult as at the present moment. Her sympathies are all with the working men & women & her one desire is to use her life for in their service, & it is in order that she may best equip herself for this. She (very wisely!) covets the chance of being associated for a short time with Hull House, & ↑so↓ gaining the advantage of coming under your influence! An opportunity that I covet for all our earnest [new?] Young People!

I know you will like her, dear Miss Addams & I commend her to you with all confidence & affection. She wasn't at the Settlement in my Wardenship, but I am near enough to see & know a good deal of the present residents.

With much love, & looking back with great joy to the remembrance of every day spent with you.

Yours ever affectionately,

Rebecca H. Cheetham

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