Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams et al. October 16, 1919



19, Bd Georges-Favon

October 16. 1919.

Dear Madam,

We have received the above telegram and believe that, if a copy has not reached you, you will wish to see it.

The Feminist Society of Budapest are evidently expecting that the present régime may revoke woman suffrage in Hungary. If the situation is to be saved, outside help is obviously necessary. The memory of what the suffrage cause owes to the women of Budapest must be vivid in all our minds.

In sending funds it might be the best plan to sound, in each case, the authorities of the country and secure their backing and assistance in forwarding money through the Entente Missions in Budapest. -- We are writing to Budapest meanwhile to get fuller information.

This letter is going to the list of [addresses] enclosed herewith. Please send copies of the telegram to persons who ought to be informed and who are here omitted.

We shall be glad to be informed of any steps that you may take.

Yours very faithfully

(signed) Emily Balch. [page 2]

Miss Jane Addams, Hull House, Chicago Ill, U.S.A.

Mrs Catt, [247] 86th Street, New York City

Miss Alice Paul, National Woman's Party, Lafayette Square, Washington D.C.

Miss Alice Stone Blackwell, Monadnock Street, Dorchester, Mass.

International Woman Suffrage Alliance, 171 Madison Ave. New York City

Miss [Katharine] Dexter McCormick, 393. Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass.

Fräulein Lida Gustava Heymann, Kaulbachstr. 12, München, Germany.

Frau Minna Cauer, [Wormsterstr.] 5, Berlin

Fr. Anna Lindemann, Degerloch, Stuttgart.

Dr. Gertrud Bäumer, c/o Frau Minna Cauer, Wormsterstr. 5, Berlin.

Dr. Alice Salomon, 27 Luitpoldstrasse, Berlin W. 30

Frau Marie Stritt, Reissigerstrasse, 17, Dresden.

Frau Yella Hertzka, Kaasgraberg. 19, Vienna, Austria.

Madam Brigode, 232 Avenue Albert, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Mlle Léonie La Fontaine, 41 rue des 2 Eglises, Bruxelles.

Mme Nyst-Soyer, 108 Avenue Brugmann, Bruxelles.

Mrs. Clara Tybjerg, Rosenvangets. Side Alée, 9, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mlle Marthe Bigot, 14, rue Rottembourg, Paris.

Mme Marcelle Capy, La Vague, Paris.

Mme Gabrielle Duchêne, 10 Avenue de Tokio, Paris

M. Dulot, Information Ouvrière et Sociale, 7 rue Pasquier, Paris VIII.

Mlle Nogué, Office des Intérêts Féminins, 2, rue Gaston de St. Paul, Paris.

Comité d'Action Suffragiste, 37 rue d'Hauteville, Paris.

La Française, 17, rue de l'Annonciation, Paris XVI.

Section Française du Comité International de Femmes pour la Paix permanente, Hôtel des Sociétés Savantes, 28 rue Serpente, Paris VI.

La Voix des Femmes, 10 rue Montmartre, Paris.

Mme de Witt Schlumberger, 14, rue Pierre Charron, Paris.

Miss Louie Bennett, Gayfield, Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland.

Miss Annie Furuhjelm, M.P. Helsingfors, Finland.

Lady Aberdeen, Haddo House, Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Common Cause, Evelyn House, 62 Oxford Street, London W. 1., England

Hon. Mrs. Fawcett, 2 Gower Street, London W.C.

International Woman Suffrage Alliance, 11 Adam Str. Adelphi, London W.C.

Miss Chrystal Macmillan, 71 Harcourt Terrace, London.

National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship, Evelyn House, 62 Oxford St. London W. 1.

Sylvia [Pankhurst], 400 Old Ford Road, London E. 3.

Mrs. H. M. Swanwick, 26 Lawn Crescent, Kew Gardens, Surrey.

The Vote, 144 High Holborn, London W.C. 1.

Miss Adela Stanton Coit, 30 Hyde Park Gate, London S.W.

Madame Cor. Ramondt-Hirschmann, 94 Jacob Marisstraat, Amsterdam, Holland.

Dr. Aletta Jacobs, van Aerssenstr. 46, The Hague.

Signora Rosa Genoni, Via Kramer, 6, Milan, Italy.

Signora Anita Dobelli-Zampetti, Via Nomentana 96 B, Rome.

Mrs. Martha Larsen, S. Huseby Sköien pr. Christiania, Norway.

Mrs. Matilde Widegren, Sybillegaten 59 II, Stockholm, Sweden.

Signe Bergman, 15 Grevmagnigatan, Stockholm.

Anna Wicksell, Lund, Sweden.

Frau Clara Ragaz, Gloriastrasse, 68, Zürich, Switzerland.

Mlle Emilie Gourd, Prégny pr. Genève.

Mme Isabelle Debran, 8 Quai des Vaux-Vives, Genève.

Frl. Klara Honegger, Tödistrasse, 45, Zürich.

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