Jane Addams to Wilbur Kelsey Thomas, December 1, 1919


December 1st, 1919

My dear Mr. Thomas:

I am quite willing to insist as far as possible that the money contributed by the various German societies be sent through the Friends Service Committee but, of course, I am at a great disadvantage in having no printed material which contains a statement of the arrangements made with Mr. Hoover.

I am sure I can do much better as soon as he is willing to have such a statement openly used. From all I hear, his attitude toward publicity will change about January the 1st and I suppose we must wait until then.

I understand, of course, that he has no relations with the other collectors but the German-Americans have confidence in the German Red Cross and other relief societies and something is being done, I feel ↑[illegible two words] then↓

Enclosed find a check for ten dollars sent by Miss Amelia Sears. I shall be glad to have a receipt sent to her at 168 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

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