Proposed text for Women's International League for Peace and Freedom News Sheet, October 11, 1919


With this issue the News Sheet of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom closes its first experimental period and begins a new volume.

Hereafter it is proposed to bring out an issue every two months with four special supplements in the course of the year or ten issues. There will be two editions, one with matter in English, French ↑& perhaps↓ Italian and perhaps Esperanto, one in German. For the general edition the price will be 5 francs, 4 shillings, $1.00 or the equivalent. For the German edition the price will be 5 marks in Germany and the equivalent in Austria, in Switzerland or other countries 5 francs or the equivalent.

Subscribers to the INTERNATIONAAL are entitled to receive this publication to the date of expiring of that subscription.

Associate Members of the League, who have paid the annual fee of 25 francs, are entitled to receive all publications of the League for one year.

Editors of publications with whom we exchange are of course entitled to receive the News Sheet.

Other persons are cordially invited to subscribe on the terms stated above.

A certain number of copies besides exchanges are sent free for purposes of publicity or propaganda. Persons desiring to receive the News Sheet gratis on these grounds are asked to communicate with us. We also ask friends to send us addresses of persons 1) who might become subscribers, 2) of persons who ought to receive gratis copies.

Please note addresses as now in use and let us have corrections if necessary.

[In every] case please state whether you wish to receive the general edition or the German edition.

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