Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, July 15, 1919

Haus I. Ranges -- Am Hauptbahnhof.

Chemnitz i. La., den July 15" 1919

Dear Lady

We found several people in Berlin, especially Minna Cauer, who is the dearest thing in the world, who intimated that there are great difficulties in joining our dear association. A Mrs Schurgast who had been at Zurich said quite plainly that the Pres't of the German branch made all her decisions quite personally and that she would not allow many people to join. I found quite without seeking it of course, something of the same kind in Leipzig. A Frau Scheuffler who is head of the Child Welfare (Control Bureau of Jugandfursorge, [illegible]) who was very eager to join. I suggested that she become a member of the International, so you may hear from her. The German women are ready for a large membership I am sure, if we could send an organizer a letter later, or if we could allow [different] cities to organize and to affiliate directly with the International. Both the club movement and the suffrage movement found it necessary to do something of that sort. Do you think that we could take [a vote] [page torn] members or is that not [page torn] [page 2] We found in The Hague that Dr Jacobs was on the point of leaving for Germany to make an investigation on behalf of the [neutral] physicians, so that we came on together with her. C. Wood,  A. Hamilton, Jacobs & myself formed a very good party and met four English Quakers in Berlin.

We have been met everywhere with the greatest courtesy and kindness and have been given every opportunity to see the real conditions. The children have been very pitiful -- [tomorrow] we are going into the [Erzgebirge] to visit the little toy makers who are said to be in the worst condition. Some times I wish that we could urge our members every where to go into the [feeding?] of the neediest as the [test case?] challenges of the [moment?]. We left Miss Wood in Berlin & the rest of us came into Saxony. We are entertained by the city of Leipzig we have also seen Halle and something of conditions here. We sail on the [sea] [illegible] [view?] of Frankfurt while Miss Wood & Dr Jacobs go on to Breslau & Vienna -- they have struck up a great friendship. I suppose by this time that Mde Ramondt has arrived, it was such a pleasure to see her again. Give my love to her and to Miss Marshall if you can write me at the steamer please do and tell me how the Sheepshanks matter came out. We sail on the New Amsterdam, Holland Am Line 12:30 a.m. July 26". I wish I were coming back to Switzerland and could again have the refreshment of those wonderful days at Zurich. Always devotedly [signature cut out of letter].