Gertrude Gouverneur Clemson Smith to Hannah Clothier Hull, December 10, 1918

Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association
Philadelphia, Pa.
December 10, 1918.

Dear Madam President:

I am sending you the enclosed clipping from The Public Ledger of November 26 which explains itself. That there is reason for prompt action by the women's organizations is shown by the fact that Miss Jane Addams, according to the press, has already called together the International Peace Conference to meet probably at The Hague or Amsterdam in February, and has applied to Secretary Lansing for passports for delegates from America. It is reported in the public press that he sees no objection to granting her request.

This conference involves entering into negotiations before peace is signed with delegates from the central powers on equal terms, while they are technically and actually enemies, and is both an insult to our Allies and a danger to our own country.

The French Council of Women have recently stated in reply to the appeal of the German Council of Women that at the last meeting of this Conference the German Council of Women were asked to protest against the cruelty and desecration in Belgium, and they made a formal refusal stating that they were German women and in sympathy with their men.

I hope that your organization will see its way clear to enter formal protest against the impropriety and peril involved in Miss Addams' action, and also to the Department of State against granting passports for such a purpose.

I am adding my individual protest to many others, and am sending a copy of this letter to state and national organizations in the hope that it will bring about some action to show that organized American women are united in sentiment against these various efforts to serve German purposes.

Very sincerely yours,

Gertrude Gouverneur Smith [signed]
(Mrs. Lewis L. Smith)