Jane Addams to Charles Phineas Schwartz, August 10, 1916


August 10" 1916


My dear Mr Schwartz

It was very nice to have your letter, and I am sure you know that we would always make room for you at H. H. and be delighted to have you come back.

In spite of a visit from Raymond Robins, I am not clear as to how I shall cast my first presidential vote --  I am certainly going to wait until [page 2] I see Mr Wilsons speech of acceptance and the outcome of the Mexican Commission.

I hope I will be home in time to talk it over with you.

We had a few days visit from Mr & Mrs Rosenwald this week which gave us the greatest pleasure.

I am still under the dominion of a trained nurse but am really much better. Always faithfully yours Jane Addams.