Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Margaret Johnson Lane, March 14, 1918


March 14th, 1918.

Miss Margaret Lane,
70 Fifth Avenue,
New York City, N.Y.

My dear Miss Lane:

Your letter to Miss Addams was received after her departure for California, where she will be during the month of March and the early part of April.

I am very loath to trouble her about the New York situation since just before she left, she had a most encouraging letter from Mrs. Leach, who felt that the meeting at Syracuse had been the means of a perfectly satisfactory understanding between Mrs. Williams and Miss Eastman. This was a very great comfort to Miss Addams, who had taken the matter up with all of the members of the board, but who felt that although the board had not taken as definite a stand at the Philadelphia meeting as it should have done, yet the situation hardly justified the calling of a board meeting of this kind.

I wrote to Mrs. Williams urging that she accept the Honorary Chairmanship offered, and very much hope that I shall hear from her soon in reference to this matter. It would easily be possible to have the honorary chairman in case she does accept.

Very sincerely yours,

Executive Secretary.