Anne Henrietta Martin to Jane Addams, March 8, 1918

14 Jackson Place,
March 8, 1918
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

My dear Miss Addams: --

I am helping with some publicity work for Miss Anne Martin, before she goes back to Nevada to begin her campaign for the United States Senate. Just at present we are anxious to get as many statements as possible regarding her candidacy, from prominent people, to use here in the East, and in the Nevada papers.

Miss Martin is particularly anxious to have a statement from you, so I wonder if you would be good enough to write one, and send it to me as soon as possible. It would be splendid if you would, and it would mean a great deal.

Of course you know that Miss Martin will run as an Independent, and has set forth four problems through which among others, she believes she can serve her nation; "The development of the land in the interests of the people, the conservation of water, the elimination of long established railway discrimination against [page 2] Nevada in freight rates, and protection by federal agencies of seasonal farm labor and its transfer from region to region in the interest of both the farmer and laborer."

Hoping that I may hear from you soon,

Very sincerely yours,

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