Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, April 30, 1901



Your letters have been very dear -- and [although] mine are short I am most grateful. I am filled with profound admiration for this spot & the kindly people in it.

Yesterday a. m. with the [assent] of Miss [Hardy] from the Settlement I went [through] the Italian quarter & the old French town -- the furniture makes are [dead now] but I didn't care much for the little [illegible] in the old shops.

Isn't the ↑old↓ town itself attractive-- a mixture of South France & Spain! A Miss Kate [Minor] who has a large sugar plantation gave me a luncheon at a hotel which was most magnificent. We drove afterward & saw a most impressive pottery school at the Sophie Newcomb College. Then there was an excursion down the river to Chalmette & in the evening I spoke at the rectory of Trinity Church. Here I am waiting for the train to New Iberia & from there to Averys Island which from all accounts is enchanting. [page 2]

Sister Kelley left Sunday night & I miss her much -- I find it hard not to be rebellious toward my Chief State executive.

Please tell dear J. Lathrop that I am very grateful for all her letters -- written & redirected, and if the Ponds are recalcitrant about the plans -- let them (ie the plans) lie fallow until I get back.

I do hope you are better, dearie. I don't like you to refer to "devil a [cough?]" & sore throats.

Always & forever yours J.A.

P. S. I am much impressed with the Methodists. Anybody who says "Protestantism is dying out" [ought] to have seen them Sunday night raising $50000. for a clinical University & heard them sing at the end --

April 30 -- 1901