Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, February 19, 1918


February 19, 1918.

Dear Lady: --

I have a lengthy letter from Mrs. Lane explaining the matter of the Call to the Conference of the Woman's Peace Party in New York that brought out the protest from Mrs. Williams. She has also sent me a copy of Crystal Eastman's letter to Mrs. Mead. I am hoping that when you are in New York next, (and I hope to goodness you are coming in March) we can save an hour or so to get as many things straightened out as is possible.

We may be summoned to action on terms of peace before the year grows much older. I haven't any assurance of this, but I have a spring hope that will not be buried.

Lots of love to you always,

Miss Jane Addams,
800 So. Halsted Street,
Chicago, Ill.