Flora Juliette Cooke to Eleanor Daggett Karsten, November 18, 1918


18 November 1918

Miss Eleanor D. [Karsten],
Secretary Hull House
Chicago, Illinois

My dear Miss [Karsten]:

It has been the custom of the Francis W. Parker School to supply a number of families in your district with Thanksgiving dinners. This year, because the school has recently had very heavy demands in the bazaar just given, we have decided that we cannot use the same methods. We hope to do as much as usual, but in a way that will take less of the children's time. Our plan is to send two complete dinners, for families of six or eight people, which you will assign and distribute. Do you prefer to have us send the dinners complete in this way or their equivalent in money? The dinners would be delivered to you at the settlement house on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

An immediate reply will be much appreciated.

Very truly yours,