John Julius Halsey to Jane Addams, July 28, 1918

Lake Forest College
Political and Social Science

Lake Forest, Illinois July 28 18

Dear Miss Addams

I was very sorry to come away from Miss Culver's Thursday, and not have an opportunity to speak to you, but Mrs. Fisher was kind enough to take me up on the road, and take me there and back in her car, and she hurried off to meet the next [fare] bringing some guests to her home -- otherwise I would have chosen to linger a while. We have lost a beautiful comrade through the departure of Miss French. It will leave Miss Culver very much alone.

I am glad you sent me your address on World's Food and Politics. We who believe in the enfranchisement of humanity from economic as well as political burdens can see even in the midst of this dreadful war more than one presage for more enlightened policies in the future -- when social utility will spell much larger than personal gain. The men who are fighting and dying for civilization and Christianity, and who with Coningsby Dawson are finding their souls amid the "glory of the trenches," will have it so.

Sincerely yours John J. Halsey