Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius to Jane Addams, May 1918


Dearest Auntie in all the world --

Your letter has just reached me and your schedule of big doings in Kansas City is as exciting as the report of a soviet committee meeting. It is simply great to know that you are again well enough to hit the trail at such an up-and-at-'em pace.

I knew, of course, that I shouldn't see much of you, for ↑at↓ all conventions ↑there is↓ are such a hustle and a bustle and a [tussle] and a whatnot. Everybody is so hopity-skipity-jumpity! But Manuel, the young Satan, has fairly jumped at your letter as an excuse for calling off the trip. I shouldn't pay any ↑the slightest↓ attention to him, however, if some matters hadn't come along to make him really need what he most flatteringly terms "my calm [judgment] and intelligent insight". And he has so steadily reiterated his opinion that the glimpses I should have of you and you of little Alice would be too tantalizing and unsatisfactory that I have, at last, permitted myself to be convinced that he is right. So I shall pass up the convention itself, apply myself to the Proceedings when they are published and look forward to a real visit with you either in Chicago or Cedarville.

Hastily, but with oceans and ocean of love to you, Auntie darling --