Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Samuel Northrup Harper, June 3, 1918


June 3d, 1918

My dear Mr. Harper:

At Miss Addams' request I am sending you under separate cover a package of announcements of the talk to be given by Professor [Lomonosov] at Hull-House on the evening of June seventh. These were issued by a group of Russians who are arranging for the lecture.

Miss Addams would be very glad to hear whether you think it better for the Committee to meet on this evening in connection with the meeting advertised on the announcements, or whether it would be better to have a meeting at the Quadrangle or elsewhere on some other evening. Perhaps in either case you may be able to use a few of these announcements in bringing the lecture to the attention of those who may be interested. I believe the lecture is to be in Russian and to be translated.

I am also enclosing a list of names which were "signed up" at the time of a small meeting arranged some two weeks or more ago when Mrs. Raymond Robins spoke on the Russian situation.

Very sincerely yours,

Eleanor Daggett Karsten [signed]
Secretary to Jane Addams