Jane Addams to Mina Caroline Ginger Van Winkle, February 3, 1918


February 3d, 1918

My dear Miss Van Winkle:

I wrote you a few days ago that I would be in Colorado from the third to the tenth of March and in California from the fifteenth to the end of the month. The California dates remain unchanged but my plans have changed in regard to Colorado. I am sorry if this will make any difference in the arrangements you are making for me but can only hope that you have not made any plans as yet.

I expect to go to El Paso, Texas, on Thursday, March the seventh, by the Santa Fe line, leaving Chicago on the seventh, arriving at El Paso on the ninth and staying over Sunday, probably leaving there on Wednesday, the thirteenth. I shall be with my niece, Mrs. Ernest A. Young, Copper Street, while there and I should be glad to take any engagements in that part of the world if you have any for me. It is possible to go to El Paso by way of New Orleans if there is anything there. Several Southern women, one or two from Alabama, have expressed to me great concern over the lack of enthusiasm for food conservation in the Southern States.

May I thank you for the check which was received from the Department this morning. I am, of course, paying my own fare to El Paso and California and shall charge the Department only for extra trips which I make in connection with my journey.

Hoping that this change of plan does not inconvenience you, I am,

Faithfully yours,

 Jane Addams [signed]

I am sorry that I had to go to the hospital for a few days and could not take the St. Louis engagement last week. I am quite restored now, however, and hope to be much benefited by the slight operation.