Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, January 6, 1906


My dear Alice

I have seldom been more upset than I was by missing your visit so needlessly. I thought you were coming in at 12 on Friday & meant to leave in the late afternoon of the same day unless you could stay over Sunday. I got to the House before twelve & ordered a table for us in the Coffee House & didn't find out that you had been there that until I went upstairs. I then refused to believe it and later tried in vain to get you by [page 2] telephone at the photographers Mrs Peck's [illegible]. I can't make out yet why no one thought it worthwhile to telephone me--especially as Grace said you telephoned to other places. If you had called me up I could have met you down town ↑anytime in the morning↓ but I was all tied up in the afternoon. You see I am still upset about it! I will go out to Cedarville in a week or two. Miss Lathrop's operation this morning was successful. I have only now come from the Presbyterian Hospital where she has been for a week. [page 3] Weber and Mary also telephoned in this afternoon and are much disappointed. I hope you had a pleasant journey home & found the bank flourishing.

Always your loving sister

Jane Addams
Jan'y 6" 1906