T. J. Park to Jane Addams, November 24, 1917


Nov -- 24 -- 1917 =

Miss -- Jane -- [Addams] -- Hull-House, [Chicago]

Dear friend --

Would be pleased to [have] your consideration on plans -- for the reconstructing -- of [governments] -- or industries and every work in [governments] pertaining to the betterments of the human races -- for the purpose of avoiding the irreclaimable -- wasting of hundreds of billions of dollars -- in treasure -- and blood -- in the reconstructing of [illegible] ↑and↓ upholding [hyphenated] [pickaninny] crazy quilt idiotic -- and illusionary forms of [governments] -- that [we have] never been enabled to make stand -- or ever will be enabled to make stand, on this earth -- and to avoid the calamities of other wars and the calamities that follows after wars on account of the entire human races being lost -- like a man traveling on horseback -- dark [nights] he will rely on the horse to take him home -- and it is the duty patriotic duty of every human being -- on this earth -- [page 2] to uphold -- and [maintain] a horse of [governments] that teaches us -- when [we] became lost -- to take the opposite course from our present [course] -- like an [intelligent] man -- when he becomes lost -- instead of trying to go [straight] home -- he tries to go [straight] from home -- this is reversing -- his judgment -- and it brings him [straight] home -- this I think will give you a clear -- and [concise] understanding of the aims of this forms of [governments] -- and I think the plans ↑and policies↓ that belongs to this form of [governments] -- eliminates every -- and all [troubles] of the human races -- except dying -- and I am at quite a loss to know how this work -- would be injurious to any one of the [belligerent] nations as it embodies plans ↑and policies↓ to feed them -- while they are fighting reconstructs them while while fighting -- or -- when they are all tired of fighting -- and willing to acknowledge that [their] forms -- of [governments] is lost -- and they are willing to turn the [reins] of [governments] over to a form of [governments] -- that takes the fighting fervor -- out of every [illegible] ↑[government]↓ in the world -- [page 3] which is not a [hyphenated] [pickaninny] crazy quilt idiotic -- illusionary -- system of [governments] -- that has never been enabled to stand on this earth --

What ↑the↓ human races wants -- is what might be called a minervia system of [governments] -- fully armed  -- to bring them out of [their] billions of years in [their] incubator -- hyphenated [pickaninny] crazy quilt idiotic -- illusionary systems of [governments] -- fully armed -- to stand and exist and enjoy [their] inherited gifts -- as long as the human races exist -- on this earth -- under the Monroe doctrine democracy republicanism universal peace liberty freedom justice -- forms of [governments] -- founded on wealth knowledge -- and natural scientific Christianity -- which is to [be] the foundation of the first civilized form -- of [government] -- that was ever formed -- on the face of this earth -- and which you -- and every pacifist in the United [States] -- from the president -- down -- was a party to -- before America entered the war -- and if [page 4] you -- or any one else have any doubts -- or -- scruples -- [in regards] to claims made by me -- in this letter -- or any other communication ↑from me↓ for the cause -- I would be pleased to personally outline those doubts -- and scruples ↑to you↓ for the general benefits of the [whole] world -- for you or any one else -- as I know this letter embraces subjects -- and matters that has [always baffled] the [intelligence] of mankind -- and has been considered an impossibility -- on account of human beings -- not knowing how to go [straight] home -- when they were lost -- and every example in a civilized form of [government] ↑to stay built --↓ is as easily shown -- as showing a person how to go [straight] home -- when they are lost.

Respectfully yours

T -- J -- Park --
Sta -- [12] -- Atkins -- Hall --

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