Arthur Eugene Bestor to William Wallace Postlethwaite, January 30, 1918


January 30, 1918

Mr. W. [W]. Postlethwaite
Winter Night Club
Colorado Springs, Colorado

My dear Mr. Postlethwaite:

The enclosed statement will give you information about the work which is being carried on under this Division of the Committee on Public Information. One of our functions is to call the attention of various organizations to speakers who may be available for speaking engagements.

I have just learned that Miss Jane Addams is to be at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs March 3-10, and take the liberty of calling your attention to this fact on the possibility that the Winter Night Club or Colorado College or some other organization there may be glad to know of her presence and to communicate with her direct at Hull House, Chicago with respect to a possible engagement.

I do not need to tell you anything about Miss Addams' work [although] you may not know of the very effective support which she is at present giving to the Food Administration [throughout] the country.

Cordially yours,