Mabel L. Hyers to Grace Waring Stoy, September 16, 1915


September 16, 1915.

"My dear ------:

"Your letter of September 14th contained very amazing news for us. We know nothing of Mrs. J. K. Weston and have no correspondence from her in our files. Neither do we know [page 2] of Mrs. J. Forbes [Robertson] of New York. The official Treasurer of the Woman's Peace Party is Miss Sophonisba Breckinridge of Chicago, and there is no official manager connected with the Woman's Peace Party.

"We thank you for all your information and will look into the matter at once. In the meantime we would be glad if you [would] keep us informed as to anything more or as to Mrs. Weston's whereabouts.

You will hear from us again in a very short time.

"Very sincerely yours,

"Acting Executive Secretary.