Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, January 23, 1918

19, Euston St. Brookline, Mass.
Jan 23, 1918

My dear Miss Addams,

In compliance with your request I have written a commentary on the President's terms and have sent them to a paper with his abbreviated statement to accompany them. I have not another such copy of them but presume that you have his statement and will [understand] the references. I do not know whether this will be published, but if so I will let you know and try to get copies for [our] state chairmen. I could have made it longer very easily but did not know exactly what you had in mind to do with it.

I had a long letter from Mrs. Williams marked "private", so I can not forward it. I could not learn whether she had communicated with Miss Eastman or not. She was disappointed at not having a conference with you and her in Philadelphia. She is planning for someone, I do not know whom, as a state chairman and expects a state convention late in February. She evidently does not expect me to be a go-between, so I shall leave the matter to work out as best it can. I wrote to her again and have made clear the position of the board, that she was appointed temporarily two years ago and that now it was imperative to have a state convention and organize. Of course she does not approve of the methods of the City branch and I presume there will be some friction at the convention if she has a candidate as rival to Miss Eastman.

I am deeply concerned over the compulsory military training bill and fear the monied interests are pushing it tremendously.

I have not yet written to the nominees for the propaganda committee and am waiting to learn whether Miss [Breckinridge] accepts the chairmanship. Kindly let me know as soon as possible.

I learned after our New York meeting that Mr. Holt and one or two others were determined to resign unless Mr. Lochner did.

↑Yours, affectionately,
Lucia Ames Mead.↓