Alice Thacher Post to Hannah Clothier Hull and Lucia Ames Mead, November 21, 1917


November 21, 1917.

Dear Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Mead:

Since writing to Mrs. Mead this morning I have received letters from Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Mead. I think Mrs. Hull is splendid to write so fully and so promptly about all their business arrangements when she must be so very busy. She knows now that we are not going to get out a Preliminary Program, and I have troubled her about a good deal for no purpose, though it is very helpful for me to know personally a lot of those details, and I am able to answer some questions for others. I thank her very much.

The letter I received from Mrs. Mead was a carbon of her letter of the 20th to Mrs. Hull. I am very sorry that Mr. Angell cannot speak at the evening meeting of the 6th. But I agree with Mrs. Mead that he might do us a still greater service by helping us with the statement we would like to have the Meeting put out. I think a great many of us have followed his wise articles in the New Republic with practical or entire endorsement.

A few days ago Miss Addams suggested that we might have Mr. Hull and Mr. Leo S. Rowe, if we could get them, for the dinner on the evening of the 7th. At the time our program seemed full and anyway I had been thinking, as I wrote her, that if we could not get Dr. Lynch or Mr. Angell we would want just one of those two for the 6th, or both of them. If Dr. Lynch does not get some one else I should myself very much like Professor Hull or Dr. Rowe or Mrs. Mead or Mrs. Spencer.

I will send a carbon of this letter to Miss Addams.

Faithfully yours,