Clara Landsberg to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, September 23, 1917

Lake Geneva,

Dear Marcet,

I am sitting in a beautiful room at Mrs. Wilmarth's. Miss Addams is in the room in bed where she has been more or less for a week with an attack of bronchitis brought on by her going in to a meeting in Chicago, I am afraid. She is much better today but rather discouraged to find how easily she takes cold and how hard it is for her to shake one off. We had [page 2] hoped to go to Cedarville for the next week end. I am most anxious to get one more look at my godchild before she goes too far away but Miss Addams will not be able to travel and I find that one of the residents is not coming back and that her work will fall on me until I can find some one to do it. That will keep me pretty well tied to H-H. at least at the beginning of the year.

Miss Addams told me about the picture which pleases her and me [page 3] tremendously. I shall be very glad to attend to the plate.

It was good of you to send the Kodak pictures of me. I was glad to have something to show my father though there was not much of Alice on them. He liked the pictures of me. Fathers are not always very critical and discriminating about daughters, I think. The picture of Emanuel and the baby is lovely. Please give warm greetings to the Cedarville household from me and kiss the baby for me.

Miss Addams and I are sorry we cannot carry out our plan for next week.

Affectionately yours,

Clara Landsberg

September 23, 1917