Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, September 18, 1917


Please address mail to 19 Euston St Sept 18 [illegible words] Huntingdon, Pa, care Mrs. T. T. Myers, 1630 Moore St My last engagements may keep me until Oct. 4, but they are tentative. I shall be here for our Conference on the 6th. I will write to Miss Wald and urge her coming unless, as I wrote in my letter, you can be at the Conference of all organizations in New York. Do you want our whole ex. board here and make it an ex. session? If so, please have them each notified as I can not attend to it on time. Dr. Nasmyth will be here and glad to come to our conference.

Yours sincerely Lucia Ames Mead