Benjamin De Jong van Beek en Donk to Jane Addams, October 10, 1917


10/10 1917.

Dear Madam,

I herewith beg to inform you that the German, Austrian and Bulgarian Governments have let us know that they are prepared, in principle, to deliver passports for the coming International Conference for the study of a League of Nations to be held at Berne shortly. Nevertheless having not yet received any communications relating to this matter so far from the Governments of the Entente, we hold it necessary to postpone the Conference, which is now fixed on November 12th next. We hope by then to have received notice from the Governments of the Entente that they are likewise willing to enable us to let the scientific discussions on the future [organization] of International Law take place. If, unfortunately, this expectation proves a mistake, the Executive Committee of the "Central [Organization] for a Durable Peace" will seriously consider whether the Conference is to occur or not.

We add a list of those who have accepted the invitation to the Conference. As to participation on the part of the Allies, this list is naturally still incomplete. You will note that the cooperation promised from the Central empires and the neutral [page 2] countries of Europe is most satisfactory.

We shall be much obliged if you will let us know at your earliest convenience -- if possible by wire -- if you intend attending the meeting at Berne on November 12th.

Awaiting your answer,
Yours truly,
B de Jong Van Beek en Donk. [signed]
Hon. Gen. Secretary.