Anna Garlin Spencer to Jane Addams, September 12, 1917

Department of Sociology
Meadville Theological School
Meadville, Pennsylvania

September 12th 1917

My dear Miss Addams,

I have your note of the 10th and hasten to answer.

It seems to me imperative that we have a Board meeting↑,↓ and before putting out any statement. I feel that the [enclosed] tentative statement is neither strong or distinctive enough for a real pronouncement from us↑,↓ and that it would ↑be↓ better not to give out anything of our own until we have had a conference and perhaps taken counsel of more than Board members. I am in favor of meeting at Chicago. The New York situation is such just at present↑,↓ especially in regard to the local N.Y. Branch of the W.P.P.↑,↓ that we could hardly as a Board meet in New York City without being misrepresented. Either we should have to seem cold to the local Branch or be considered by unfriendly critics as a National Board merely an appendix to that group. It is almost impossible for New Yorkers to believe that any National Board↑,↓ meeting in that City↑,↓ is independent of or superior in official standing to the local representatives of the movement. I think we should meet in Chicago therefore and as soon as possible. I also think it quite justifiable in a time of such emergency to pay the expenses of the Board members. We can serve in no better way I am sure than in going over without hurry or publicity the puzzling problems of pacifists in these U.S. of A. Now for times: -- the earliest moment I could get to Chicago is after a Conference in Montreal↑,↓ Canada to which I am delegate from this School and listed as speaker. The week following September 30th., would be a good time for me↑,↓ and I would then go to Chicago directly from Montreal. If however a later date is better in your judgment I will fit myself to it. I can give time any week between that date of September 30th and the 8th of November for the meeting of the W.P.P. Board.

I hope you are feeling stronger and that we can have a real conference and decide wisely upon the matters that press at this time.

The earlier I know about the date the better and I shall gladly fit myself so far as possible to the convenience of other members.

↑Yours most cordially

Anna Garlin Spencer↓