Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, September 10, 1917



My dear Marcet

You wrote me a wonderful birthday letter and gave me or rather H.H. a wonderful present.

I have been slow replying because I hoped to persuade Dorothy North to go to [Cedarville] with me. She leaves here on Thursday [page 2] and [sails] for France on the 15th. She already thinks of herself as a Quaker I think and will be identified with the reconstruction work just "where in France" she does not know. She is bed today with a bad cold, I have come over to Walton Place to say good bye to her and to gather up a few belongings for [page 3] my next journey into the world [which] will be to Lake Geneva this afternoon to visit Mrs Wilmarth. Do write me there the date in Sept when you will probably leave, I hope to come out again for a visit with the happy trio.

We are just now cleaning house, walls & paint so that it would be the very best time to hang the portrait. [page 4] I am coming down Wednesday and will be here from time to time all of this month -- so that it would be fine to have it come any minute. Clara Landsberg will be here in a few days and will I am sure see to the plate which is a very nice plan.

Please give my best love to the family big and little.

Always yours devotedly

Aunt Jane --

Sept 10" 1917