Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, August 18, 1917

August 18.
419 W 114 St

Dear Miss Addams,

Your letter of the seventh only reached me last night and I wired at once.

The special train is planned to leave NYC 2 pm August 30, and to reach Chicago at 6.30 pm August 31, & Minneapolis 7.30 am. the first of Sept. [page 2] Registration to be 9.30-10.30 a.m. that day. They plan perhaps to make 5 minute stops and speeches along the route.

It seems desirable to get this piece of work I am on [to] strength as soon as practicable. Whether or not I go to Minneapolis will hang in part at least on the status quo as regards that. [page 3] If it is obviously a pretty [long] job [and] a weeks interruption may seem relatively unimportant. If <on the other hand> I could get it into the printers' hands before Aug. 30th then I might get off. If your going -- your going comfortably & happily -- depends at all on my going that again would be a big factor in my decision.

Please note the proposals in todays Call (Sat 18th). These (in discretion stated) were brought over by Norman [page 4] Angell who is I understand personally very much interested in them. They seem to me as refreshing as water in a desert.

I am encouraged to find so many people hoping for a conclusion of the war in the coming months. I would rather see it <peace> brought by the peoples than the Pope but I will not quarrel with its source. The people will clean things up afterward. And at w At any rate I think [continued upside in top margin] the Pope's letter must push things forward [continued in left margin on first page] a step. It is already having a clarifying effect.

With love

Emily G B.

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