James Oppenheim to Jane Addams, August 3, 1917


Aug. 3 1917

My dear Miss Addams,

We are all glad to hear that you are better. We dare not press our wish, until you are strong again & have the time for writing. If the opportunity appears, as well as the impulse, it would mean a great deal to get an article for our October number. By then, some sort of peace negotiations may be under way, & the need will be greater than ever for clear American expression. I had not before seen your address of last May. It moved me deeply. I [page 2] wish we had had it for the Seven Arts. So many of our gifted folk have gone over to the war-party that it is difficult to find vital & rich expressions. But someone surely will speak here -- speak authoritatively & commandingly, as Bertrand Russell has spoken in England.

It was heartening to get your good words about the magazine. We have had a response which makes us sure that our people have changed far less than our leaders.

May new strength come to you speedily.


James Oppenheim

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