Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, July 18, 1917

Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear Stanley

I forward the check from Mary Smith and hope it reaches you in time.

We are visiting Mrs Bowen for a few weeks but expect to be back in Chicago by the first week in August. From there I go to Cedarville to have my first view of Marcet's baby. Did I write that her [page 2] name was Alice and [that] she is a large & very jolly young person!

I was enormously interested in your account of the planting on the ranch, you certainly have a splendid array. When you are ready to plant the one hundred trees <more,> let me know and I will add those to the capital of the ranch as it were -- that we may start out with full sail. [page 3]

Please give my love to Jane and Myra -- did the latter ever receive a little package of rompers. I hope they are not lost.

Always your loving Aunt

Jane Addams

July 18" 1917