Helena Stuart Dudley to Jane Addams, April 10, 1917


April 10th

Dearest Lady:

You are so much in my thoughts and heart these tragic days -- and I had a vivid dream of you a few nights ago and you asked me what I was doing! I am working on the Peace Emergency Comee here, & we have had some good meetings & carried on the referendum (as enclosed). We all now to form a [page 2] League of Democratic Control -- or something on that line for catching at an occasional support against the tide. What does it all mean? It is almost demoniacal, this sweep [toward] conscription & these enormous war loans which Wall St. is eager to help on! And labor so passive and the Socialists [page 3] broken up & the Social workers lining up with the bankers! R. A. Woods leads in Boston and pledges himself & Settlements to aid enlistments &c. $c.!

I feel as if a reaction must set in but now ↑the↓ Russian Revolution is put down to the credit of war and by war we are to "democratize the world"! What folly and blindness, -- and Wilson! I feel sometime as if must be mad -- or else the world is mad! [page 4]

And for you dear dear friend, I know that your heart must be heavy -- I can only hope that there are great forces of resistance and courage and vision in the people which will come forth: for there [illegible] is an irresistible push toward democracy & liberty that must come out. -- Russia encourages us to try and come up with her!

With devoted love --

Ever yours faithfully

Helen S. Dudley