Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, January 18, 1917



My dear Myra

It was very nice to have your reassuring telegram this morning and after consulting with a doctor, I am feeling much better about our sick boy.

Please keep the nurse as long as there is any possible need for her, and do not let Stanley go to work until [page 2] he is absolutely strong again. There are so many chances for a relapse or a weakened constitution after typhoid even in a mild form.

I have had a delay in collecting the thousand dollars I promised to send to Stanley Jany 1st. As he is unable to sign checks perhaps you would better send the bills that are [page 3] due now on the house [etc] and I could pay them by checks from here. Or if you will write or telegraph me the amount of the bills due, I will send a check for that amount. I hope to send it all soon, if the trees should be planted in Feb'y please get a man to do that so that Stanley won't feel hurried. [page 4]

I think that you would better take your living expenses and the illness expenses from the automobile fund, telling me at the end how much is left -- I will make it up if I can, if not we will have to go without it for a while, for after all health is better than motors! The tooth must mean that Jane is better. My love to her, to her mother and to the dear invalid. <Always your> loving Aunt Jane Addams

Jany 18" 1917

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