Jane Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, January 17, 1917


International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace

The Section for the United States of America
The Woman's Peace Party
Office: 116 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

January 17th, 1917.

My dear Mrs. Blaine:

I enclose a letter which we are sending out to the members of the Woman's Peace Party and which explains the Woman's Congress After the War as clearly as I am able to put it in a small compass.

I quite agree with your feeling that it is better for men and women to do things together, but in international affairs as yet women have had no opportunity to work with men and beginning with a Congress of their own is exactly what they have done in municipal, state and national affairs, although they were later recognized.

I am enclosing a list of the contributions already promised. If you felt that you could give us one thousand dollars, I should be enormously grateful.

Always devotedly yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]