Kemmie B. Fidler Slade to Jane Addams, May 1, 1917


Kansas City Mo.

May 4 1917

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams: --

Your timely comment, on helping the people of Germany, in this food scarcity, has struck a responsive cord in my heart, for we above all peoples should prove that we are a free people, and would not have any one suffer, though an enemy.

My heart aches at the great calamity that has befallen our beloved country, America, and it is with such assurance of sympathy that I write this letter to you. God bless every Pacifist.

At a time of great crisis, as the present, it is almost impossible to have intelligent discussion.

The ever successful scheme of artificial [stimulus], the effect of crowd psychology, has tended to replace the subject at issue, namely that of protection.

We as a nation, are called on, [as never] a people have been called on, and will be much more in the future, to exercise a [beneficent] and friendly, influence on all nations, and it should be without preference, in the matter of food.

Wishing to express my sympathy and appreciation of your timely suggestion, believe me,

Very truly yours, At your service,

Kemmie B. Slade [signed]

2924 Prospect Av.
Kansas City Mo.

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