Benjamin de Jong van Beek en Donk to Central Organization for a Durable Peace, January 1917




THE HAGUE, January 1917.

Dear Sir,

The "Central [Organization] for a Durable Peace" has created nine International Committees of Research that are to elaborate and turn into concrete proposals nine of the chief demands for international reforms.

Committee I. dealing with the problem of:


is composed as follows:

President: Th. Baron ADELSWÄRD, ex-Minister, Sweden, Åtvidaberg.
Miss Jane [ADDAMS], United States, Chicago, Illinois.
Dr. W.H. de BEAUFORT, ex-Minister, Holland, The Hague.
Prof. Viggo BENTZON, Denmark, [Copenhagen].
Prof. Dr. C. BROCKHAUSEN, Austria, Vienna.
Prof. A. GHISLERI, Lugano, Switzerland.
Hamilton Holt, United States, [New York].
Paul OTLET, (Belgium), Switzerland, Clarens-Montreux.
Prof. Dr. L. QUIDDE, Member of the Bavarian Parliament, Germany Munich.
Prof. Dr. N. GJELSVIK, Norway, Christiania.
Heinrich SCHERRER, Switzerland, St. Gall.
Dr. David STARR JORDAN, United States, [Palo Alto] (California)
Dr. Arnold TOYNBEE, England, London. [page 2]

After having consulted the members of his Committee, the President has drawn up the [questionary] enclosed.

We would esteem it a [favor] if you would also give your opinion on this subject by replying to the [questionary]. We request you to kindly let us have your answer at your earliest convenience -- at any rate before March 1 next.

We shall also be very pleased if you will submit to us any other remark, telling us at the same time, whether answer and eventual remarks are to be considered private, or whether you would permit us to give them greater publicity.

In order to give you some idea of the principles of the Central [Organization], which exclusively deals with international policy AFTER THE WAR, AND TRIES IN NO WAY TO CALL FORTH THE IMMEDIATE END OF THE PRESENT HOSTILITIES, we are sending you a copy of our MANIFESTO.

It goes without saying that your opinion will be much valued, even if you do not altogether agree with the principles laid down in our program.

Thanking you by anticipation for your answer,

Yours faithfully,

For the Executive Committee,

B. de Jong van Beek en Donk [signed]
Hon. General Secretary.

1) We should be much obliged if you could send copy of your answers to the President of the Committee, Th. Baron ADELSWÄRD, Åtvidaberg, Sweden.