Emily Greene Balch notes, April 26, 1915


Monday 26 2 pm.

Miss Addams

Guard ship replied cld be sent if gotten one [replying?].

[Signaled] to shore for boat but [illegible]: or foggy [illegible] no boat came

Today @ 7 boat for shore of [illegible] came & took [illegible] messages, [boat?] charges for 10 S w. receipt for 1st teleg -- to Page, [illegible]. Promised to [ret. 1]. First sure indicator anything really [sent] through.

Officer came on board & Miss A. & Miss [illegible] [said?] -- Says sees no reason for our being held, everything O.K. Saw no reason why shld not go tomorrow or even today this his guess but knows nothing as why held from London.

What wld he recommend. Suggested asking to be transferred to first Dutch ship going to Holland, quickest per ambassador but he thinks unlikely [page 2] wld gain time.

Such a request was sent to Page this AM. on suggestion of Mrs Rublee & O'Brien. As seemed to conflict w. Miss A's previous personal request preferred to have it go over Mr Lochner's signature. All were asked to write to influential friends. Miss Addams wrote [this] AM. to the following people,

<Lord Eustace Percy Foreign office
Hon Percy Alden MP
Lord [illegible] Morley Ho. of Lords
John Burns MP
J. Ramsay [MacDonald] MP.
Viscount J Bryce Ho of Lords
Keir Hardie M.P.>

in all in office. Mr. Lochner wrote to Norman Angell & Bryce. Mrs Percy to Allen Baker M.P.

S.S Potsdam came by last night 27 hours instead of 9 hours with a storm on the North Sea [lest?] same [illegible] (coded to our ship).

Is impos., the Purser says, to transfer bag of mail [prepared?] to put ashore at in Holland.

Asked to Officers <asked> why might not land said was: "not a port" at wh. [aliens?] authorized to land; no arrangement to receive.