Earl Dean Howard to Jane Addams, January 12, 1917

Hart Schaffner & Marx
Chicago New York

Chicago, January 12, 1917

Miss Jane [Addams],
Chicago, Illinois.

My dear Miss [Addams]: --

I wish to express my appreciation to you for the reference to the work of the labor department in Hart Schaffner & Marx in your new book -- THE LONG ROAD OF WOMAN'S MEMORY, which I have just been reading. I am sure I speak for all my cooperators in this work and the company.

It would interest me very much to know the name of the chairlady whose experience you describe. I probably already know her personally and if there is no violation of confidence, I have a desire to know better the person who has so good a comprehension of the larger meaning of our experiment, and who has been capable of appreciating it in that large way. May I also recall to your recollection your own part in the beginning of this work in an interview which you graciously granted to me during the strike of 1910?

Sincerely yours,

E D Howard [signed]

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