Jane Addams to Julia Clifford Lathrop, March 22, 1906

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Dear Sister Julia

The nuts were a fine after dessert on Tuesday evening at dinner and we were all much touched by your thought of us. Nothing, as you know, brings forth the same enthusiasm in our group, as does affection expressed [through] good things to eat, and the nuts [were] no exception to this rule of sentiment and conduct.

I do not know why I haven't been writing to you for all these weeks, except that The Ladies Home Journal has been hounding [page 2] me for "copy" at such a rate that I have hated the very notion of writing. For two days I had the honor of "keeping all the presses waiting," and Mary Smith was moved to say that if I could keep them permanently in a state of suspended animation that she would be reconciled to my writing!

We are planning a little conference this week with Dr [Sachs] and Dr Podstata, both Sister Alice and I feel a trifle bad in our consciences over the way we rushed to the defense of the County Com's. [page 3] Mr Brundage has made me quite useful in the Evanston Affair and I have become just plain home sick for you in this attempt to do what you would do so much better. The day on Epilepsy was a great success at the Womans Club and the Craig Colony man made a great success with his pictures and his speech.

We are planning some changes which will put more light and air into our kitchen this summer. I am sure you will be glad to know, they may be too expensive to carry out at once but [page 4] they will go through at last, and bring "final relief."

The Board of Education is becoming a little more reasonable [although] it is still big and incoherent. We have an awful time with [Mr] Kling. I wouldn't be a judge for a good deal of worldly pelf. 

Please give my affectionate greetings to your sister and believe me always and forever yours Jane Addams

March 22d 1906