Anna M. Bambach Twitchell to Jane Addams, April 19, 1917

[G. B.] Twitchell, M.D.
[845 Dayton] Street.

Cincinnati, O. April 19, 1917

Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams,

About a year or more ago I wrote you asking you to come to Cincinnati and speak for our Peace Party and some other organizations. At the time you wrote me that you were too ill, but would like to come at some future time if you were able.

We do need you and want you so much now. We are making a fight against Conscription and I believe you could do a world of good if you could come. Any time will suit us.

Please say that you will come and make us all happy.


Mrs. G. B. Twitchell
Chairman Legislation Com. Peace Party of Cin.