Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Eva Marie Campbell, April 19, 1917


April 19th, 1917.

My dear Miss Campbell: --

Miss Addams has asked me to answer your letter of April 15th, in which you so generously offer your services to the Peace work. There is no opening for you in Chicago just now, as the small staff of the National office is complete and the very limited funds at our disposal do not permit of our enlarging it in any way. There is, however, an excellent opportunity, I believe, for you to work as volunteer, as you suggest, while carrying on your teaching in Iowa City. Miss Klingenhagen, the Dean of Women in the University of Iowa, is, I believe, very much interested in "peace" work, and I am sure that [cooperation] with her would help both and would further the cause also.

I am sending you under separate cover some material in reference to our work, in which, I believe, you will be interested, and I wish very much that by your efforts a group of college women in the University might organize themselves [as] a branch of the Woman's Peace Party. A branch has recently been formed in the University of Michigan and a number of other colleges are represented in our organization.

Very sincerely yours,

Office Secretary.

Miss Eva M. Campbell,
628 North Linn Street,
Iowa City, Iowa.