Jane Addams to Carrie Chapman Catt, February 22, 1917

New York City
February 22nd, 1917
To Mrs. [Carrie] Chapman Catt,
[1626] Rhode Island Avenue,
Washington, D.C.

At a conference of the National Board of the [Woman's] Peace Party, together with representatives of the State organization, it was voted to express to you the hope that the Council meeting called by the President of the N.A.W.S.A. for the 23rd and 24th in Washington, D.C., will take no action concerning service to our government anticipatory of war since many women suffragists hope such a calamity may be averted, and feel that this is a time when patriotism may be effectively shown by refraining from any action tending to increase the war spirit.

(Signed) Jane Addams, Chairman
Lucia Ames Mead, Secretary
Anna Garlin Spencer
Alice Thacher Post
S. P. Breckinridge
Harriet P. Thomas.