Margaret Motherwell Johnson Lane to Eleanor Daggett Karsten, February 16, 1917


February 16, 1917.

Mrs. Eleanor G. Karsten,
116 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Mrs. Karsten:

Your letter of February 14th is at hand this morning. I have arranged with the Hotel McAlpin to give us Room E in the Second Mezzanine. This room will comfortably seat 55 or 60 people. If the room is not big enough, wire me and I will make other arrangements. The McAlpin has abandoned their former plan of housing us without charge but are making us a special rate of five dollars a session for the use of this room; that will be $10. for the day.

I have also reserved a room for Miss Addams with double bed and bath. I presume that Miss Addams will want this the evening before, namely February 20th, as well as Wednesday night, February 21st. If this is not correct, please let me know.

Indeed, we are delighted to be of any possible assistance by giving out information through our office. I am only sorry that you gave our telephone number as Chelsea 765 when it is Chelsea 7065.

I am sure we all appreciate deeply your kind words of commendation for our work in this crisis.

Faithfully yours,