Report of State Dinner, December 12, 1916

Cabinet Members and Wives Guests at
First State Dinner -- Mrs. Wilson at
Concert -- Saulsburys Are Hosts.
Dinner by Mr. and Mrs.
Cone Johnson

The President and Mrs. Wilson entertained at their first state dinner this season last evening, when their guests included the Vice President and members of the cabinet and their wives, and a large company of other guests. The cabinet circle was not complete, as the Secretary of War is absent, Secretary of the Interior and Mrs. Lane are in mourning, and the Secretary of Labor and Mrs. Wilson were absent because of illness. This occasion marked the formal debut of Mrs. Baker in the cabinet circle, as she came to Washington last spring after the season had closed. After the dinner the guests enjoyed a program of songs in the East Room given by Mrs. Muriel Symonds, a lieder singer of New York, accompanied by Mrs. Ross David, of New York, who is accompanist for Miss Margaret Wilson.

The dinner guests included:

The Vice President and Mrs. Marshall.
The Secretary of State and Mrs. Lansing.
The Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. McAdoo.
Mrs. Newton D. Baker.
The Attorney General and Mrs. Gregory.
The Postmaster General and Mrs. Burleson.
The Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Daniels.
The Secretary of Agriculture and Mrs. Houston.
The Secretary of Commerce and Mrs. Redfield.
The secretary to the President and Mrs. Tumulty.
Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph E. Willard.
Prof. Stockton Axson.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Bertron.
Mr. Robert Bridges.
Judge and Mrs. W. L. Chambers.
Mr. and Mrs. George Creel.
Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Daniels.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ewing.
Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Garfield.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson.
Former Gov. and Mrs. Martin H. Glynn.
Mr. William P. G. Harding.
Col. and Mrs. E. M. House.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Hurley.
Mr. Thomas D. Jones.
Mr. Walter Lippmann.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lombard.
Judge and Mrs. Robert S. Lovett.
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Meyer.
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus H. McCormick.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McIlhenny.
Mr. George Foster Peabody.
Mr. Charles A. Talcott.
Prof. and Mrs. W. U. Vreeland.
Mr. Joseph R. Wilson.
Mrs. George Bass.
Mrs. William H. Bolling, mother of Mrs. Wilson.
Mrs. Ross W. David.
Mrs. Reginald Fendall, sister of the late Mr. Norman Galt.
Mrs. Muriel Symonds.
Miss Jane Addams.
Miss Helen Woodrow Bones.
Miss Dulles, niece of Mrs. Lansing.
Miss Alice Wilson.
Miss Margaret Wilson.
Col. and Mrs. William W. Harts.
Dr. and Mrs. Cary Grayson.
Lieut. Comdr. Joseph O. Fisher.
Maj. Richard P. Williams.
Lieut. Edwin M. Watson.

The table decorations were of Killarney roses and maidenhair ferns. The house guests at the White House are Col. and Mrs. House, of New York; Mr. Joseph Wilson and Miss Alice Wilson, of Baltimore, brother and niece of the President; Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Garfield, of Williamstown, Mass., son and daughter-in-law of the late President James A. Garfield; Mr. Thomas Jones, of Chicago; Mr. Robert Bridges, of New York, and Mr. Charles A. Talcott, of Utica, N.Y. Mrs. Wilson was extremely handsome in a gown of black net, with silver embroideries and trimmings. Miss Margaret Wilson wore turquoise-blue satin, with bead trimmings, and Miss Bones was in pink satin with pearls.

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