Jane Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, November 28, 1902


My dear Mrs Blaine

There is much [loneliness] among people was come to Chicago and while the Settlements comfort some people, it is only after all very few.  I should suggest the Business Woman's Club for your secretary, may I give her a letter to Miss Bartelme, one of the officers and one of the nicest people I know?

Dear Mrs Blaine, would you consider being the President of the Consumer's [page 2] League for next year?  Mrs Ryerson, the present president, will be out of town for eighteen months and are we must have some one else--some one who is intelligently and really interested and will at the same time be impressive to the merchants.  It would be a great boon, indeed a boom, to the League if you would take it and all of the officers will pledge themselves to work hard and to relieve you of as much work as possible. [page 3]

The poor old League at times seems feeble but after all it is an honest attempt to approach the subject on reasonable and economic lines.  We will have our annual meeting on Dec. 15" it would be fine if you would consent before then to take the office.  I will be out of town for a few days but may I come to see you next week and try to persuade you?

Always faithfully yours

Jane Addams

Nov. 28" 1902

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