Frederika Henriette Broeksmit to Jane Addams, December 21, 1916


Rotterdam. Van Vollenhovenstraat 19th

21 Dec. 1916

Dear Miss Addams

It is nearly two years ago now since the Women's Congress was held at The Hague, where we met with so much sadness, and so much hope.

You will hardly, or not at all, remember that at Witte Brug Hôtel one of the Dutch delegates, who had the privilege of hearing you, and speaking to you for a moment, expressed the pleasure she would find in sending you an etching. The etching never arrived, for this reason -- the person who spoke (the present writer), is very fond of the [page 2] peaceful effect produced by Churches, against the sky of early morning, night or evening.

She intended to send you an etching of one of our old Churches, hoping to make soon a new plate (not being able to dispose of the old ones.)

It is not easy for a painter, however, to know her own mind beforehand, the less so, when merged in the Peace Movement, so I returned to my [favorite] topics only these very days, and have the pleasure of sending you an etching of the Old Church at Katwijk-on-Sea, near Leiden. For fear you might think it too vague, or too dreamy, I add a more lively little etching of our river the Maas.

-- May 1917 bring Peace at last, a true Peace, and may Heaven preserve you for all those, who know and have felt, the consoling influence of your Kindness and your great power for the Good.

Yours most sincerely

Frederika H. Broeksmit. --

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