Anna Garlin Spencer to Jane Addams, December 19, 1916

Department of Sociology
Meadville Theological School
Meadville, Pennsylvania

Dec 19th 1916

Dear Miss Addams

It has come, like the breaking of the lumberman's "jam", the first move for peace! In spite of arrogant assumption and rancor expressed in call and response the [beginning] of the end is in sight I pray that some way [page 2] may be found to give you strength to lead our women in the Conference <abroad> that will I believe be called for January 1917.

I wish I could help you, I hope the [meeting] in Washington did you no harm. I was tired after it but had duties [awaiting] me on my return so had [page 3] to snatch my rest as I could. I would like to be three persons now, I write to ask you what we shall say and do as a Peace Party now. I have not written or wired the Pres. (as asked by W.P.P. of N.Y. City to do) as I feel we should move as one in the National Board and how? I wait your word.