Jane Addams to Francis Hackett, November 16, 1916


My dear Mr. Hackett:

We are arranging, as you see by the enclosed circular, a Conference of Oppressed or Dependent Nationalities in Washington and the Committee is very anxious that you should represent the Irish. They have asked me to write for them and I hope very much that you will be willing to give the twenty minute paper.

We are having quite a remarkable response from the various nationalities. We are anxious, of course, to avoid the extremists and at the same time we want a genuine representation. Naturally some of the ambassadors in Washington, the Russian, the Austrian, etc. may be a little alarmed and it will help us very much if we are able to say that [Serbia] is to be represented by a professor from Columbia University and Ireland by an editor of "The New Republic," etc.

May I express my appreciation of the fine position, still remaining critical and comprehensive, taken by "The New Republic" for Mr. Wilson.

Always faithfully yours,

Mr. Francis Hackett
<421 W. 21st ST,>
New York City,